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We started Always Unleashed over 20 years ago to provide doggy owners a superior alternative to kick the kennel habit. The vast amount of amenities, cage-free living, and the comfort of knowing one can check our webcams 24/7 are distinguishing features we offer to give our customers piece of mind when choosing the perfect pet care for their beloved fur baby.

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Meet Chris: he arrived in 2017 to provide an additional level of control. You may have noticed his smiling face servicing customers in the lobby or spoken with him on the telephone.


Chris- Big Ref



Meet Chris; He’s one of the top dogs in charge of operations since 2017. Chris has 4 large dogs of his own, he could start his own daycare, lol! He’s hard working, loyal and really cares. In his spare time he’s busy keeping our schedule organized and caring for his many fur-babies.


Luis-Big Ref



Meet Luis, he began in 2017 and is the other alpha who runs the show. You’ll always find him calm, relaxed & happy. Luis is the man behind all of our instagram posts. He works longs shifts and has the stamina of an Alaskan sled dog. He enjoys personal training, real estate, and his dog Ruby when he’s not at the resort.





Meet Jessica: our longest tenured Ruff-er-ree, who has been with us since 2012. She’s a role model for our team because her work ethic and knowledge approach perfection which we strive to attain. She’s kind, considerate, fast, efficient & thorough. Jessica has primarily worked nights the past few years, but recently has been brightening up our days!





Meet Shealynn, she’s our assistant who helps keep the ball rolling behind the scenes. She’s always smiling and positive and can whip through a to-do list like a dog doing zoomies. She does varsity cheer at Desert Mountain High School and maintains 4.0 GPA. In 2020, after she graduates, she’s off to ASU.


Maria-Tiny Town



Meet Maria, who works full time in Tiny Town. She came on board when we turned the entire upstairs and balcony into the munchkin area. She is the tiny boppers mommy away from home and keeps the adorables active and happy. Mari has been instrumental in the growth and success of our Uptown Tiny Town.


Alicia - Groomer



Meet Alicia our extraordinary expert groomer! She came onboard in 2017. Her grooming career began in 1996 through which she gained experience grooming virtually every dog breed imaginable. Her unique artistic abilities enable her to make any dog look best in show.





Meet Saydee, who runs the front office! She’s detailed, sharp and sweet. Her tail is always wagging as she keeps the fast paced lobby running like a champion racing greyhound. During her off hours she enjoys coaching dance at Willow High School.


Colton- nights


Meet Colton, he has been with us since he was a high schooler and soon he will be graduating from ASU in May of 2020 with a degree in applied math! Way to go Cole! He primarily works the night shifts but you’ll see him during the day helping out with our busy summers and holidays.


Julia - Tiny Town



We have so many sweeties in Tiny Town. Julia is another wonderful team member who comes into Tiny Town and the dogs light up in her presence. We are so lucky to have such a great team caring for the little fellows. Julie attends Pinnacle Peak High School where she plays competitive soccer.

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Rylee - Tiny Town



Meet Rylee, she is one of are awesome tiny town girls. Sweet, kind and adorable describes Rylee; she has been with us since we opened tiny town and she’s a natural when it comes to caring and spreading the love to the pups.

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Lizzie - Tiny Town



Meet Lizzie: she is one of our fabulous Tiny Town girls! As an integral part our wonderful crew upstairs, she’s solid, dependable and really pays attention to the details of the town. She attends Pinnacle Peak High School and plays competitive rowing when not loving on the little ones.

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Sydney- Tiny Town



Sydney is our newest addition to our Tiny Town Team; a caring, concerned, and conscientious individual. Sydney has a refreshing personality and always strives to do her very best each and every day.


Tanya - Nights



Meet Tanya, she works the night shifts. She’s our “snuggler” and probablly pets and loves on the dogs more than anyone. She super at getting know all the doggies personalities. Tanya found us all the way from Russia and we’re thankful that she came onboard.


Want to be our next
Ruff-a-ree ?



Please email us your resume. If you want to stand out you can send us a video introducing yourself, tell us a little about your previous work history, and why you want to work for Always Unleashed. (Text video to: 480 646-0777)


Our doggy daycare offers a vast amount of amenities and our awesome slumber paw-ty experience (cage-free boarding) couldn’t happen without our dedicated team providing love 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Round-0f-a Paws guys and gals we appreciate you for allowing this all to happen!